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Adaptive Behavior Scales - Available Now

Asset daily life skills and track growth
1 month- 80 years and above
Approximately 60 minutes
Directly after finishing administration
Arabic / English
Arabic / English for each case
Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing and publishing Psychological Tests
Dr. Abdelmawgoud Abdelsamea


They are standardized scales advantaged with a high degree of validity and reliability. They have been designed according to DSM-5 and the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD). Adaptive behavior scales provide a comprehensive picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual's personal, social, and motive skills and help us in the trace of growth to determine if the child does grow properly in personal, social, and motive skills in accordance with his/her age and peers. Adaptive behavior scales also determine the extent of deficiency in skills due to aging or illness.

Scale the main scale

They consist of four major domains: social domain, practical domain, conceptual domain, and motive domain. 16 subtest fall under these major domains.

Features of the meter

Test language

The test is available in Arabic and English. The report is available in Arabic and English for every case, whether the administration is in Arabic or English.

Application Help

Does the individual do (or could do) the task fully without any help or supervision?

Is not able

  • Cannot do the behavior.
  • Is too young to perform the behavior.
  • Has physical condition that prevents him from doing the behavior.      


Never or rarely  when needed

Has the ability to do the behavior, but

  • Never or almost never does it when needed; or.
  • Never or almost never does it when needed on her/ his own without being reminded.



Sometimes dos the behavior when needed

Only does it sometimes when needed

  • Sometimes does it without help, but sometimes needs help, or.
  • Sometimes does it on his/ her own, but sometimes needs to be reminded. 


Always or when needed

Has the ability perform the behavior, and

  • Displays the behavior most or all of the time without being reminded, or.
  • Displayed the behavior at a younger age, but has now outgrown it.



If your evaluation was not based on observation and direct knowledge, place (G) on the "Guess" column. This means that you are not sure about rating the item, and your evaluation was:

  • Estimation.
  • You have never seen the examinee in a situation that acquires to perform the behavior.
  • You have never got the chance to see the examinee perform the behavior.  


  • Did not understand the item.
  • You feel like you would understand better if you have discussed the item with the examiner.

Test components

  1. 4 books for practical administration.
  2. Examiner's Guide
  3. CD contains the scoring computerized software through using your laptop
  4. 25 Record Forms in Arabic.
  5. 10 Record Forms in English.

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