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Autism Rating Scale - Available Now

Asset children who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder according to the diagnostic criteria of DSM5
2 -13 years
About 15 minutes
Directly after finishing administration
Arabic / English
Arabic / English for each case
Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing and publishing Psychological Tests
Dr. Abdelmawgoud Abdelsamea


It is a standardized scale that is advantaged with a high degree of validity and reliability. It was prepared according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders: Fifth Edition (DSM -5). It is composed of two main parts: social communication and interaction, and restricted and repetitive behaviors upon which probability of suffering from autism spectrum disorder is determined. One of the parents or the caregiver would answer the scale questions and also the child's teacher can answer a copy of this test in order to observe the child's behavior in different situations.

Scale the main scale

Social communication and interaction,repetitive and restricted behaviors

Features of the meter

Test language

The test is available in both Arabic and English. The report is also available in both Arabic and English for each case whether the administration itself is in English or in Arabic.

Application Help

The following questions are answered by one of the parent of the child, the caregiver or the child's teacher. The answer would be (Yes ) if the question is applicable to the subject currently (E) if the question is applicable to the subject at a previous time or (No) if the question is not applicable to the subject currently or at previous times.

Test components

  1. Record Forms
  2. Examiner's Guide.
  3. CD includes the computerized scoring software through using the laptop.

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