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Emotional Competence Test- Available Now

Assess emotional competence
16 – 80 years
25-30 minutes
Directly after finishing administration
Arabic / English
Arabic / English for each case
Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing and publishing Psychological Tests
DR. Abdelmawgoud Abdelsamea


It a test that is standardized on the Arab environment and it is advantaged with a high degree of validity and reliability. It can be administered on individuals ranging from 16 to 70 years old. This test provides information related to the basic dimensions of emotional competence. It can be administered individually or in a group. 

Scale the main scale

The scale consists of four main dimensions: self-awareness – self-management – social awareness – relations management. 20 sub-dimensions fall under this major dimension

Features of the meter

  • It helps organizations to put the right person in the right place.
  • It helps in developing the ongoing planning and development process for these organizations through providing the best training based on selecting people that their willingness fit with their jobs requirements.
  • It helps individuals to understand themselves through assessing them, recognize their behaviors and interactions with others, and identify their strengths and weaknesses, which assist them in decision-making process and expressing their opinions.
  • It helps the individuals to understand their emotions, motivations, and goals.
  • This test is useful in psychotherapy and marriage counseling.
  • It is useful in assessing students and teachers in schools. It is a good predictor of academic achievement. Students with higher scores on emotional competence perform better in school than students with lower scores. Teachers with high scores also perform better in the classroom than teachers with lower scores.  


Test language

The test is available in both Arabic and English. The report is also available in both Arabic and English for each case whether the administration itself is in English or in Arabic.

Application Help

This questionnaire includes 105 items and takes 20 minutes to be administrated. Please, read each item carefully and tick the answer that expresses you in the last 3 months. Choose the answer that expresses the frequency of your behavior; choose "never" if the statement does not apply to you. If the statement applies to a bit, choose "sometimes."
If the statement applies to you sometimes and sometimes not, choose “often”. Finally, if the statement applies to you in most times, i.e. a lot, choose "always." Please answer all items and kindly be informed that there are no right or wrong answers. There is no need to be professional to answer this questionnaire. All you have to do is to describe yourself honestly and accurately. 

Test components

  1. Examiner's Guide
  2. CD contains the scoring computerized software (you can choose between direct administration through computer, internet, or through taking the answers through the scanner in group administration).  
  3. 25 Record Forms in both Arabic and English.
  4. 25 profile in both Arabic and English
  5. Kit for tools

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