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        Arab Corporation for Psychologist Tests.


         Dr. Abd Elmawgoud Abd Elsameaa Farhan .

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 This test was designed according to (Hollands Career Types /Hollands Occupational Themes Holland Codes or RIASEC.) It has a high validity and reliability. The test is individually or group administered at age of 14 years-equivalent to the third preparatory grade- up to 70 years. The scale is composed of 6 key domains: Realistic- Investigative- Artistic- Social- Enterprising- and Conventional. Test Advantages: It helps students choose their appropriate scientific specializations. It helps individuals understand and determine career interests- and set goals and match interests with the planned career. It assists companies to choose eligible employees for the companys field of work- and prepare training and development programs to employees. It helps in career transitions. Moreover- it provides a great number of careers that correspond to an individuals career interests through showing the most appropriate careers. At the end of the report- there would be recommendations that help choose the appropriate occupation. It provides an individual with another perspective on his interests through evaluation of someone else. Test Language: This test is available in Arabic and English. An Arabic and English report would be for each case whether the test administration was in either language. Administration Instructions: Things you enjoy doing now in your life- helps you choose occupations that you can undertake perfectly in the future. Now- read each item of the scale then do the following: 1. Mark under (Yes) column if you like and enjoy doing what is presented in each specific item. 2. Mark under (I cant decide) column if you are not interested in what is presented in the item, or if you cant decide how you feel about it. 3. Mark under (No) column if you totally dislike what the item presents. Kindly answer all items accurately- and do not take the easy way out by choosing (I cant decide) as it may result in having an unprofessional profile that is not compatible with your abilities- thus the result may be misleading




  1. Career interest manual.
  2. CD contains a scoring program for PC.
  3. 25 Career interest record forms for males/females in Arabic/English.
  4. 25 profiles for career interest questionnaire in Arabic/English.
  5. A bag

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