Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales- Revised Edition Course

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The test is standardized on Arab environment characterized by a high degree of validity and reliability. The test is administered to individuals aged 2 to75 years and above. The test measures both the verbal and non-verbal domains. The test also assists in identifying the gifted students and the students with learning disabilities. Additionally, the test helps diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, intellectual disability, autism, and language difficulties. Furthermore, the test assists in following up the development and deterioration of the educational and treatment programs by using change-sensitive scores.

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Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales- Revised Edition Course

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First day (6 hours) - Assessing the trainees' level before training. - Introduction to intelligence and cognitive abilities. - History overview of Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales. - Fifth Edition features. - The important statistical concepts - 30 minutes break. - The difference between the modern theory and the classical theory of measurement. - Training in administer rules Second day (4 hours) - Training in book 1 - 30 minutes break. - Training in book 2 Third day (6 hours) - Training in book 3 - 30 minutes break. - Practical training fourth day (7 hours) - Training on scoring - 30 minutes break - Writing the report - The course attendance exam. - Receiving the certificates.
25 Hours.
- Recognize the features of Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales- fifth edition. - Identifying some statistical concepts in the field of Psychometry. - Ability to administrate Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales- fifth edition. - Ability to use the test in clinical assessment, career assessment, and neuropsychology. - Ability to use change-sensitive scores to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment programs. - Ability to use shared ability composites in career and clinical guidance. - Identify the cognitive profile for the trainees.
Psychologists and special education specialists.
Arabic / English
Arabic / English

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- Pre-evaluation of trainees. - Exam of course attendance. - Exam of course passing.
- Certificate of attendance (provided attending the entire course) - Certificate of passing the course (its conditions): • Attending the entire hours of the training course • Academic qualification (Bachelor of Arts Department of Psychology). • Practical practice for three months and making its reports. • Administer the test to 15 cases and making their reports. • Pass the training exam (oral, written, and practical).
Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing, and Publishing of Psychological Tests.