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Welcome to the Website of Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing, and Publishing of Psychological Tests (www.arabtesting.com.) By using this Site or any further sources to electronically communicate with the Arab Corporation, you shall agree on and comply with terms and conditions of use, which terms and conditions of use shall come into force unless being terminated. We shall reserve at any time have the right to alter, amend, change, or update terms and conditions of use and you shall agree to be bound with the said alternations, amendments, changes, or updates. We encourage you to visit this page periodically to review most of our terms and conditions of use at the present time.

This Site is created for the purpose of providing information about psychological tests that are standardized at the Corporation and presenting other topics; such as training. Consequently, it shall not be interpreted as guidelines to specific persons or situations. Currently, providing psychological counseling is not available in the Corporation. This Site is not intended to be a substitute for treatment, diagnosis; or medical, psychological, or professional advice. Always seek advice from qualified professionals and we will try to give some information about them. In case you have questions about psychological problems, never disregard or delay having the specialists’ advice because of something you have read on the Site. The content of this Site aims to offer help to psychologists or psychiatrists regarding diagnosis, treatment, and intervention; but it is not a substitute for specialists’ advice. It is not also intended to be a manual for self-treatment or self-diagnosis. We make list of the psychologist names who have trained in our corporation, but we are not responsible for their professional or ethical practices.

Some views included on the Site belong to their authors and do not necessarily reflect Arab Corporation’s or employees’ views. Arab Corporation is considered as an independent publisher for the psychological tests. It does not belong to any organization, and nobody has a direct impact on our publications, our trends or decisions stated on the Site.

Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing, and Publishing of Psychological Tests shall have the intellectual property rights of tests published on the Site, and it shall register its tests in all specified bodies in Arab Republic of Egypt including Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Culture; and Egyptian National Library, Archives, and Artistic Works. Intellectual property rights shall involve the Site and its content (including all website designs, texts, data, interfaces, logos, icons, images, personal photos, music, audio clips or videos, titles, headers,  graphics, software; in addition to selecting, arranging, coordinating, promoting, and displaying items). All software used in this Site shall be owned by Arab Corporation or software designers affiliated to it (or software used under the license of the owner) and shall be reserved by the copyright laws in the Arab Republic of Egypt. You shall acknowledge that such rights are valid and protected in all forms in any existing or future media and technology.

Where our Site or its content is not intended to be used by others except as otherwise provided for in our Website, any other use to our Website or its content shall without written permission by us be absolutely forbidden. Our Website and its content may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted, modified, sold, re-sold, or otherwise exploited for a commercial purpose that is expressly allowed under the said terms and conditions of use. Using our Site on the network shall not, implicitly or legally or otherwise, grant you any property right or license to all or any individual item on our Website notwithstanding if these items are protected by laws of copyright or trademark.  Access to our Website shall not entitle anyone to use any name, logo, symbol, or mark in any way. Application of our Website into another site shall be strictly prohibited unless the Corporation has approved with a prior written consent. The Corporation shall reserve the right to reject access of anyone in its sole discretion if the user conduct violates the applicable law or the said terms and conditions of use, or he causes harm to the Corporation or its affiliates.

You shall not have the right to violate or attempt to violate our Website security including without limitation

  • Accessing to data that you are not permitted to access or log onto the server or account you are authorized to sign in.

  • Attempting to explore, analyze or test the vulnerability of the system or the network, or to breach the security or authentication measures without proper authorization.

  • Attempting to interfere with any user’s service, host or communicate with him via network ,including without limitation, through submitting virus to the site, overloading “flooding,” “spamming,” or “mail-bombing”.

  • Sending unsolicited e-mails including promotions and/or advertising products or services.

  • Forging TCP/IP packet header or any part of information in any e-mail or a series of news bulletins. Breaching system or network security shall have civil or criminal liability, and the Corporation shall take the necessary legal proceeding towards such persons or companies.

When using such Site you agree to not use any device, software, or system to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Site or with any activity carried out herein. You are also agree not to use or attempt to use any engine, software, tool, agent, mechanism, or any other device that could cause damage to the Site.

By using this Site and submitting your e-mail to the Corporation or sending us e-mails, you agree to receive newsletters from our side unless you notify us in writing or via e-mail that you no longer need to receive such newsletters. For further information about how we handle your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.



Arab Corporation provides this Site that is explicitly subject to the following conditions and terms. We may from time to time change or modify such terms, and if you do not agree on such modifications or changes that might occur on the Site, you could terminate such agreement by ceasing the use of the Site.  Please review the said terms to ensure that you agree on them as any use to this Site from your side shall be deemed as a consent to be bound by such terms.   

Please review our Privacy Policy that controls your use to this Site in order to understand our practices. You acknowledge and agree that you shall use your data in accordance with such Privacy Policy.  

By using or visiting this Website or sending us e-mails, you electronically communicate with us and hence you expressly agree to receive communication electronically from our side. We would communicate with you via e-mails or posting notices on the Site. You agree on all agreements, notices, advertisement, and any other means of communication we provide to you electronically.

Arab Corporation grants you a restricted license to access to the site and have personal use under the terms of use. You may not in all means re-create in whole or part, copy, upload (except the cache page), sell, re-sell, or exploit this Site for a commercial purpose without obtaining an express written permission from the Corporation. You may not use any of the marks or texts using the Corporation name or its trademark without an express written permission. Any unauthorized use shall cancel the license granted from Arab Corporation.

You agree to use this Site for only lawful purposes. You agree not to take any action that compromises the Site security, makes it unavailable to others or causes damage to the Site or its content.  You also agree not to use the Site in any means that may interfere with others’ rights.

Whereas it is improbable to happen, the Corporation shall not be liable for any damage to the data, software, computer, telecommunications, or any other equipment (including damage caused by the transmission of viruses) that you may encounter as a result of visiting this Site or any of its links.

Any third party may publish posts, comments, or any other content; or provide suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, or any other information as long as the content is not unlawful, obscene, threatening, libelous, violating privacy rights, breaching intellectual property rights, causing harm to others, hateful, or including viruses, containing political propaganda, commercial offers, chain letter or mass mails, or any other form of unsolicited messages. The Corporation shall reserve the right to remove such content or modify them. You acknowledge, agree and understand that the Corporation does not regularly review content published on the Website. The Corporation shall not bear any liability or obligation towards any content posted by you or by a third party.

All content included in this Site such as texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, service names, trademarks, trade dress, and software is the property of either Arab Corporation or licensors, and is protected by laws of Egyptian and international copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, and by any other law of local or international property rights. You acknowledge and agree that all the content of this Site is the property of the Corporation.  The Corporation shall reserve all property rights so any portion of the site shall not be uploaded, copied, reproduced, modified, distributed, re-published, displayed, or transmitted without obtaining written permission from the Corporation.  

We reserve the right to add or change terms or conditions. Any modifications would be published on this page and you are liable as user to ensure that you read such modifications from time to time.

No refund is given as long as there is no an obvious defect in the product because test material could be copied, so please examine the product before buying it.

It is via express mail service of Egypt and the shipment will take from 3-8 days either by internal or external shipping

You may provide hyperlink to our Site from another provided that :

  • The link is a plain-text link and marks the location of the  Corporation Website.
  • The link refers to the URL of the Site http://www.arabtesting.com and not to images,  graphics, or any other pages within our Site.
  • The linked site or other aspects of its link shall not destroy the reputation of the Corporation “arabtesting” or its trademark.
  • The linked site or other aspects of its link shall not untruly infer that a person or entity is associated with the Corporation unless there is written permission.
  • The link shall after being activated by the use display our site on a full screen not within a “frame” on the linked website. Arab Corporation shall reserve the right to cancel permission given to the link at any time upon its sole and absolute discretion through amending such terms and conditions of use or submitting notice to the site operator which includes the link. You agree that consent shall be given expressly and in advance to all other hyperlinks with written consent by Arab Corporation.

Arab Corporation may provide other sites’ links that are not under its control on our Site. In general, any site does not include word “arabtesting” in its URL is one of the aforementioned sites. Such links are supplied for the purpose of facilitation and reference only and they are not intended as endorsement by Arab Corporation for an organization or individual to be in charge of this Site, or as a warranty of any kind with respect to the Site or any information contained therein. Arab Corporation does not control such sites and consequently it shall not assume any liability for the way of administration, content, or privacy policies of such sites or the existing technology. You shall bear the liability of your use of such sites. Arab Corporation reserves the right to cancel these links at any time without prior notice. You shall review privacy policies and terms and conditions of each site and ensure that they are acceptable to you before registering or using them. This is because some sites that use automated search results link users with sites that contain information that may be considered as inappropriate or offensive. Arab Corporation shall not bear the liability of accuracy, legal obligations, amendment of material included in such sites.

Arab Corporation shall reserve the right to monitor all areas of our site electronically. It also retains the right to disclose any content, records, or electronic communication of any kind; if we are required to do so, by any law, system, or court order (including subpoenas); or if such disclosure is essential or appropriate for running the Site, or for the protection of the property rights or rights of Arab Corporation or users of other sites.

If you are not satisfied with our Site or its content, or such terms and conditions, the sole exclusive remedy is stop browsing our Site. If you think that any material published on such Site violates copyright, please inform us by sending a written message or e-mail from the person permitted to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. Please send a written notice to the director of the copyright: copyrights@arabtesting.com.

Laws of monitoring Egyptian exports regulate exporting and re-exporting technology originated in the Arab Republic of Egypt. This includes electronic transmission of information and software to Arab or Foreign countries. You agree to be bound by such laws and regulations. Arab Corporation shall for any disputes arise with respect to the Site resort to laws issued in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Therefore, you agree that the substantive laws will govern the interpretation and application of such terms and conditions of use or any disputes arising under this agreement or relating in any way with the said terms and conditions. The Egyptian courts are the sole and exclusive place for any disputes arising in any way because of or related to your visit to our Site. You agree on the place and the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.

Our failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of such terms and conditions is not deemed as a waiver of such right or condition. Please inform us if you have any inquiries about our terms and conditions of use, and if you want a copy. This would be provided to you free of charge.  Please send your request to info@arabtesting.com. All rights that are not expressly provided for in such agreement are reserved