Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Course

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The test is standardized on Arab environment characterized by a high degree of validity and reliability. The test is administered to individuals aged 6 to18 years and prepared according to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-5. It consists of two main parts: Attention deficit and hyperactivity/impulsivity. The probability of having the disorder is determined by these parts. The child's parent or caregiver answers the test questions also the child's teacher answers a copy of the test so that the child's behavior can be observed in different situations.

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First day (4 hours) - Assessing the trainees' level before training. - Introduction to Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. - 30 minutes break. - Explaining and interpreting the Attention deficit and hyperactivity test (parent version and teacher version). Second day (4 hours) - Explaining how to combine and extract raw scores - Explaining scoring and interpretation procedures and extraction of the report. - 30 minutes break. - The course attendance exam. - Receiving the certificates.
8 hours.
- Recognize the importance of the Attention deficit and hyperactivity test in clinical and life uses. - Ability to administer, scoring, and interpreting the test - Ability to use the extracted scores from the test and develop intervention programs. - Ability to determine the deficit severity in attention domain and determine the degree of support required. - Ability to determine the deficit severity in hyperactivity/impulsivity domain and determine the degree of support required.
Psychologists and special education specialists.
Arabic / English
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- Pre-evaluation of trainees. - Exam of course attendance. - Exam of course passing.
- Certificate of attendance (provided attending the entire course) - Certificate of passing the course (its conditions): • Attending the entire hours of the training course • Academic qualification (Bachelor of Arts Department of Psychology). • Practical practice for three months and making its reports. • Administer the test to 15 cases and making their reports. • Pass the training exam (oral, written, and practical).
Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing, and Publishing of Psychological Tests.