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Record Form Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales - Electronic Version

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It is an application for record form of Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales- Fifth Edition (Revised). This application helps to record the raw scores of the examinee and to determine start point, reverse rule, and stop rule with the utmost accuracy away from self-errors. It also determines the entry level for each field of the fields of the scale. Eventually, it collects raw scores for each sub-test. The form is stored in the person's profile and an email with a link is sent to open the form. You can go back to the form at any time, and it can be downloaded on mobile phone or computer.

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Record Form Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales - Fifth Edition - Electronic Version

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To assest cognitive skills (intelligence)
• Saves time and effort • Calculates raw scores precisely • Avoids errors resulting from applying stop and reverse rules • Goes back quickly to the profile of the examinee • Profiles can be accessed at any time • Form can be used in different applications such as WhatsApp • The form can be shared with specialists for review • Helps students to practice on the scale easily
Intelligence Tests
2 - 80
Arabic language
Arabic / English
Arabic language

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Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing and Publishing Psychological Tests
Dr. Abdelmawgoud Abdelsamea