Me Center

Me Center, which belongs to us, provides assessment, diagnosis, and psychological support services, in addition to intervention programs for children, adolescents, and adults. The Center includes a multidisciplinary team, which can assess behavioral, educational, and emotional problems. Intervention programs in Me Center depend on an approach which focuses on the uniqueness of each individual.

Our teamwork believes that individuals benefit in better through comprehensive treatment which takes place after accurate assessment. All of the elements of the individual's life should be assessed, including; family, schools system, and work environment. In some cases, intervention programs extend to include other places such as family or school.

Me Center teamwork will:

  • Conduct assessments and administrate psychological tests

  • Assess cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social functions

  • Conduct neuropsychology assessment

  • Develop a unique treatment plan focusing on the client

  • Provide psychological counseling

  • Provide support, encouragement empowerment and motivation

  • Teach the necessary skills to maintain the proper mental health

  • Provide safe and comfortable environment to help the client face challenges and tribulations

Psychological counseling begins with initial session, in which questions about the reasons of demanding counseling are asked. Also, in this session the personal history of the client is revised and specific goals are set which the teamwork strives to achieve.  During the next sessions, we will help the clients understand their feelings and needs. Also, we will support them during learning adaptation strategies to improve their condition. Throughout the consultation process, the client and the consultant will work as a team to reach the specific objectives. There are many available treatment paths, to accommodate differences between individuals. We help customers choose the path that best suits them.


We do not provide in Me Center intensive psychological services. We provide psychological counseling which supports many common problems. Our programs aim to aim to enhance the overall improvement of individuals and enhance their performance. When individuals need medical intervention, the consultant will gladly refer any client to another location or to a specialist assigned to work in our Center, including psychiatrists, neurologists and speech-language pathologists, because they may be more able to assist the client.

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