Personality and Behavioral Problems Scale for Children and Adolescents Course

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The scale is standardized on Arab environment and characterized by a high degree of validity and reliability. It covers most of the behavioral problems that occur during childhood and adolescence and factors that help in their appearance or presence such as the conflict between family members and parental incompatibility. The test also covers common mental disorders at this stage, such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorder. Here are some examples of dimensions of the personality and behavior problems scale: hyperactivity/ impulsivity, attention deficit, noncompliance to rules, conflict among family members, pyromania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social introversion, depression, insomnia general anxiety, and panic. the personality and behavior problems scale contains 3 tests: - Personality and behavior problems test for Children and Adolescents aged 6-18 years - Personality and behavior problems scale for Students aged 6-18 years - Social skills and behavior problems scale for Pre-school Children aged 3-5 years

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First day (5 hours) - The trainer and trainees get to know each other. - Assessing the trainees' level before training. - General description of the battery tests - 30 minutes break - Introduction to the behavior problems. Second day (5 hours) - Explaining and interpreting Social Skills and Behavior Problems Test for Pre-school Children. - 30 minutes break. - Explaining and interpreting Personality and Behavior Problems Test for students. Third day (5 hours) - Explaining and interpreting Personality and Behavior Problems Test for Children and Adolescents. - 30 minutes break. - Presentation of behavioral problems common to children and adolescents at home and school and how to deal and treatment them. Fourth day (5 hours) - Explaining how to combine and extract raw score for sub-test - Explaining procedures of scoring, interpretation, and extracting report - 30 minutes break. - . - The course attendance exam. - Receiving the certificates.
20 Hours.
At the end of this course, each trainee will be able to: - Identify the importance of behavioral problems tests in clinical and life uses. - Ability to administer, score, and interpret personality and behavior problems test - Ability to use behavior problems test in clinical assessment. - Ability to use scores extracted from tests in developing intervention programs. - Ability to identify behavioral problems in terms of intensity and degree of support required.
Psychologists and special education specialists.
Arabic / English
Arabic Language

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- Pre-evaluation of trainees. - Exam of course attendance. - Exam of course passing.
- Certificate of attendance (provided attending the entire course) - Certificate of passing the course (its conditions): • Attending the entire hours of the training course • Academic qualification (Bachelor of Arts Department of Psychology). • Practical practice for three months and making its reports. • Administer the test to 15 cases and making their reports. • Pass the training exam (oral, written, and practical).
Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing, and Publishing of Psychological Tests.