Personality Traits Course

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The test is standardized on Arab environment characterized by a high validity and reliability. The test designed to assess the basic dimensions of personality and can be administered individually or collectively. Also, The test consists of five dimensions and falls under each dimension 6 sub-tests. The test is standardized and prepared by Dr. Abdelmawgoud Abdelsamea, 2018.

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First day (4 hours) - Introduction of trainee and trainees. - Assessing the trainees' level before training. - Test description. - 30 minutes break - Explainig emotional stability vs. neuroticism dimensions in related sub-tests. Second day (4 hours) - Explaining extraversion vs. introversion dimensions in related sub-tests. - 30 minutes break - Explaining openness to experience vs. closed-mindedness dimensions in related sub-tests. Third day (4 hours) - Explaining adaptive vs. maladaptive dimensions in related sub-tests. - 30 minutes break - Explaining conscientiousness vs. impulsiveness dimensions in related sub-tests. - Course attendance exam (written). - Receiving the certificates.
12 Hours.
At the end of this course, each trainee will be able to: - Select the suitable employees for companies and factories - Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the examinee - Selecting suitable teachers to teach - Understand the personality traits that underlie each student's behavior - Understand the underlying characteristics of marital differences. - Sorting students of military colleges and distributing them to various army forces and divisions.
Psychologists – Special Education Specialist - Corporate Executives - Human Resources - Marriage and Family Counselors
Arabic / English
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- Pre-evaluation of trainees. - Exam of course attendance. - Exam of course passing.
- Certificate of attendance (provided attending the entire course) - Certificate of passing the course (its conditions): • Attending the entire hours of the training course • Academic qualification (Bachelor of Arts Department of Psychology). • Practical practice for three months and making its reports. • Administer the test to 15 cases and making their reports. • Pass the training exam (oral, written, and practical).
Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing, and Publishing of Psychological Tests.