Career Interests Inventory Course

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This test designed according to (Holland's Career Types /Holland's Occupational Themes/ Holland's Codes or RIASEC.) to help individuals choose the appropriate specialization or career. Also the test monitors the change in interests as the individuals transition from life stage to another. The test also assists in carrer counselling and preparaing the consultant to use the data for evaluation to meet customer needs. The test has a high degree of validity and reliability. The test is individually or group administered at age of 14 years-equivalent to the third preparatory grade and up to 70 years. The test is composed of 6 key domains: Realistic- Investigative- Artistic- Social- Enterprising- and Conventional.

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First day (4 hours) - The trainer and trainees get to know each other. - Each participant introduces him/herself by mentioning his/her name and profession. - What one hopes to learn from this session - Assessing the trainees' level before training. - holland's theory of career patterns RIASEC. - The four assumptions underlying the theory - Description of interests and patterns of Holland in terms of (occupations - interests - activities / hobbies - working environments) - Professional environments and patterns Second day (4 hours) - Explanation of items - Administering the items practical (practiacal)among trainees - Use the assesment results in career consultations. third day (4 hours) - How to insert the items - Scoring - How to extract the four results - Interpreting assessment result - The course attendance exam. - Receiving the certificates.
12 Hours.
At the end of this course, each trainee will be able to: - Recognize the advantages of Career Interests Test. - Ability to identify the dimensions of Career Interests Test. - Ability to administrate the Career Interests Test. - Ability to score the Career Interests Test. - Ability to interpret the score of Career Interests Test.
Career Interests
Psychologists – Special Education Specialist - Corporate Executives - Human Resources - Marriage and Family Counselors
Arabic / English
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- Pre-evaluation of trainees. - Exam of course attendance. - Exam of course passing.
- Certificate of attendance (provided attending the entire course) - Certificate of passing the course (its conditions): • Attending the entire hours of the training course • Academic qualification (Bachelor of Arts Department of Psychology). • Practical practice for three months and making its reports. • Administer the test to 15 cases and making their reports. • Pass the training exam (oral, written, and practical).
Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing, and Publishing of Psychological Tests.